The Streetcaster's Studio 





In a visual oriented world often it's all about making a good impression, and mostly this is obtained by the pictures you send when you apply for audition or to present yourself.

I have noticed there are many people who regularly apply but are almost never chosen because their pictures are too dark, out-of-date, the subject is lost in a huge background, or even unrecognisable.


That is why I offer shooting portfolio's that are oriented towards casting director's or agencies. This means no fancy make-up or colourful backgrounds and crazy costumes, but simply natural looking pictures showing you the way you are at your best: being yourself. For more information about what I offer just mail me here and I will contact you. Prices are kept low because of the no-nonsense approach of the portfolio.

If you want a fancy fashion shoot with wind in your hair and a team of assistants running around with lights and coffee, I'm sure there are better places to go to.






So you found out about this place and consider yourself a candidate for my casting projects? Click here.







What I sometimes get in my mail when people present themselves:








What a director likes to see when selecting people:      SAMPLE PORTFOLIO