Violet is the debut feature film of Bas Devos, produced by Mindsmeet. D.O.P. is Nicolas Karakatsanis, who cannot help himself but make powerful and rich imagery wherever he goes. A visual masterpiece about grief, loss and growing up as a teenager. In these fastpaced times, Violet offers a different rythm and allows the viewer to connect on a poetic level with the story. But don’t take my word for it, go and experience it for yourself, if you happen to be around Antwerp on 31 october, 1 or 2 november, here’s your chance @ Cinemazuid.

Streetcaster was involved in the casting of the BMX youngsters as well as driving Bas around (and nuts) hunting for locations. As set photographer I had the chance of seeing how this wonderful film came to life.


Enjoy some setpictures and stills made by me,
but please don't copy or use for commercial purposes as these pictures are all property of Mindsmeet.

VIOLET trailer from Bas Devos on Vimeo.

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